Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Wink and a Nod: Showing Your Emoticons at Work

My excessive use of emoticons seemed under control -- especially after I came clean a couple of years ago about a lazy habit of using them in work e-mails. However, a quick scan of my sent mail over the past month revealed that I had punctuated at least 11 messages with a "wink": ;-)

And that's just work messages. I didn't dare try to count the number of these sentiment substitutes in my personal e-mails and Facebook messages.

Clearly I need a "Remoticon 2.0" -- the excessively empathetic cartoon robot who "emotes so you don't have to." Remoticon was created by illustrator Eric S. MacDicken for his most recent "Office Opossums" animation (sound editing by yours truly).

Here's Remoticon's user manual.

Hope this leaves you smiling.

(Remoticon image above used with the permission of Eric MacDicken, who also designed the logo for this blog.)

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