Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Searching for 'Printosaurus Rex'

What or whom will history blame for the extinction of traditional print media? The looming comet of global online adoption? A climatic shift in generational tastes and information habits?

Both certainly would be factors. But media consultant (and "Recovering Journalist" blogger) Mark Potts also would guide future paleontologists to another culprit: the fossilizing remains of Printosaurus Rex, a pernicious breed of newspaper executives who "continue to hold back intelligent, aggressive digital development." The P. rex -- whom Potts also calls "printies" -- tend to "rhapsodize about how nice it is to be able to hold news in their hands," "declaim about never reading blogs," and still "print out their e-mail."

(Image of "Sue" the T. rex from Chicago's Field Museum)

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Anonymous said...

I saw some "P.Rex" droppings in the form of dot matrix printer paper at work the other day.